Chartered Professional Accountant

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Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.- Sally Koch


Notice to Reader Engagements

With Financial Statements

 - from $975

Without Financial Statements (T2 Only)

 - from $750

* The above rates are base prices. Additional fees may be added for additional required services or extra time for more complex financial statements or notes or complex tax situations.

Review Engagements

 - from $125/hour

* rates vary depending on difficulty and time to complete. 


Trust Examinations

- from $150/hour

* rates vary depending on difficulty and time to complete. 

T3 Returns: Family Trusts and Estates

 - from $350

Personal Income Tax Returns


Youth (17 and under)

- with parent return - $25

- without parent return - $50

 Low income

- Single - $75-$100

- Couples - $125-$175


- Single - $75-$100

- Couples - $125-$175

Seniors (65+)

- Single - $75-$100

- Couples - $125-$175

General Returns 

- Single - $100-$130

- Couples - $190-$250


* No extra fees for additional slips

* Extra fees may be applied for bookkeeping if required for self employment, rentals, farming & investments

Other Services & Support

 - Bookkeeping - $60/hour

 - Payroll - $100/pay period up to 5 employees + $10/employee over 5

 - PD7A Payroll Report - $100/return

 - T4s/T5s - $100/return + $25/slip

 - GST, PST, WCB filings - $100/return

 - Consulting - $150-250hour

 - Contract Work - $100 - $150/hour

 - Training -  $100 - $150/hour

* Above rates depend on level of

difficulty and time required


- Mastercard or Visa

- Cash

- E-transfer

- Cheque*

*NSF $25 fee applies for unhonoured cheques

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Services offered

Notice to Reader Financial Statements

 * Notice to Reader Financial Statements without Notes to Financial Statements

 * Notice to Reader Financial Statements with Notes to Financial Statements

Notice to Reader Financial Statements are also known as a compilation engagements, since the financial statements are being compiled on the basis of information provided by the management of the company. This form of financial statement is typically used when the main user of the financial statements is the government, as an attachment to the corporate income tax returns


Reviewed Financial Statements

A review engagement is conducted to provide limited assurance (negative assurance) that nothing has come to the attention of the accountant that causes them to believe that the financial statements are not fairly presented.  This requires more work than a compilation and is therefore more expensive.  This type of engagement is often required for significant bank loan or inactive shareholders.  A review differs slightly from an audit and provides less assurance than an audit as no audit procedures are performed.  Instead, a series of analytical procedures and inquiry are performed. The procedures provide better understanding of key relationships among certain numbers and financial situations which provides assurance about the plausibleness of the financial condition presented in the financial statements.


Trust Examinations

Real estate trust examinations are annual requirements for Real Estate Brokerages and are combined with either Reviewed Financial Statements for Notice to Reader Financial Statements depending on certain criteria.  The exams include the Accountant's Report, Brokerage Report, Exceptions (if any) and set procedures to examine the books and records for real estate transactions to ensure full compliance of reporting requirements with the Real Estate Council of British Columbia.


 * Personal Income Tax Returns from basic to complex

 * Corporate Income Tax Returns (Federal & Provincial) from basic to complex

 * Estate & Trust Income Tax Returns

 * Non-profit/Charity Information Returns

 * Tax Planning for personal, corporate and estate taxes

Proper tax planning may provide you, your company and/or your loved ones significant tax savings.

Other Services & Support

 * Bookkeeping

 * Payroll


 * Consulting

 * Contract Work

 * Training

Services and support include actual full services, technical support, training, and/or filing and include assistance with:

 - CRA audits and filings

 - Training in accounting, tax or other related software

 - Year end working papers for annual review / audit

 - Budgets, business plans, strategic planning, and other projects

 - Mentoring and tutoring students including case marking and study plans

 - Contract work for other accounting offices - non-compete/non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements are signed for all contract work to other accounting practices.